_MG_0856aMy initial interest in photography started as a teenager and a desire to record the good times my friends and I were having together whilst growing up in Liverpool. This amateur interest continued until my early twenties when a succession of travel experiences drove me to push my then hobby further and culminated in purchasing my first ‘proper’ film camera – a Canon EOS50E.

My interest grew further, culminating in an MA in Photography at the London College of Communication. Since then, I have pushed further out into the world, now seeing photography as a vehicle for exploring my ideas and interests in nature, culture, and history. I work thematically and in a roundabout way by project, but I mostly enjoy just getting out into space and reacting to the world around me. My work is very much about my own logic of becoming. That is, getting to know myself and the places I position myself in through my actions and the experiences that flow from them in a perpetual upward spiral.

The site contains a selection of my work taken over the years and a blog that I occasionally update. I’m now working mostly via the photo book medium so there is also a section showing my output.