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Bones Will Crow

My work on the poets of Burma was recently adapted as a short bilingual animation by Brett Evans Biedscheid in collaboration with English Pen. This formed part of the closing night of the Arc Publications Bones Will Crow launch tour in the UK.

Update: Bones Will Crow has just been reviewed by The Guardian.

Three Minute Portraits

See more of my recent three minute street portraits from Burma here.

Chaung Tha Beach, Burma (with a new Fuji X100 camera)

What does one do when on an exotic beach in Burma, facing the Bay of Bengal, new Fuji X100 compact camera in the backpack? The answer is of course, very little – it’s far too hot and bright to move around, with the obvious exception of the first hour or so of the day. Stumbling around in my longyi, I came across these fellows each morning: