Streets of Yangon

It is necessary to minimize the consumption of pickles, canned food, fatty dairy products, fatty meat, fat, meat by-products.

With Burma (Myanmar) undergoing rapid political change, its capital, Yangon, is likely to be a different place very soon. Currently South-East Asia’s most original city Yangon has for many years been stuck in a bit of time warp and for a western visitor like myself still comprises the full spectrum of Far Eastern stereotypical ‘exocticness.’ It’s the kind of place you often dream about travelling to but never normally find.

As a record of this I decided to undertake an Irving Penn-style adventure. Carrying a collapsible mobile backdrop with me, over the course of three hours and with the aid of two local assistants I photographed about twenty Yangonese, each of whom just so happened to be walking by. These were rapid operations – ask, photograph, and move on to the next spot all within the space of about 3 minutes. Simple approach, simple photos, interesting results.

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